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Death of our Founder

It is with great sadness that we must report the death of our founder, Alan W Hall, who passed away at Mater Dei Hospital, Malta, at 0430hrs on November 6th 2008

Without doubt one of the major figures in aviation publishing for as long as any of us can remember. First editor of Airfix Magazine, creator of Aviation News, Scale Aircraft Modelling (SAM) and Warpaint Books.

A personal friend of many members of the club, Alan continued to visit whenever he could. The last time was at our AGM in April 2007, where he presented the Inaugural Alan Hall Trophy to the winner of our annual model competition.

I'm sure many of you will miss him at Scale Model World, where he had planned to be on 15/16th Nov. We shall have a small tribute on our stand and you are welcome to come and shed a tear or two at the passing of such an inspirational example to us all.

I am certain that all of you will join in condolences to his family.

PS. Alan was cremated on 27th November in Amersham, Bucks. and the book of condolence that so many of you signed at Scale Model World was passed on to his son and daughter (Chris & Alison) for safekeeping. 

Alan's massive aviation library has been handed to the Malta Aviation Society, who will keep it in trust and who will be pleased to make available for research.

alan hall

Thank you Alan. Rest in Peace. You will not be forgotten.

Some of the club members offer their memories of Alan.

My deepest sympathies to Alan's family at this sad time.

I first met Alan on a promotional day with a small group of people in Bletchley library. Smartly dressed and well spoken, his strength of character and friendly demeanor sucked me in with his enthusiasm and passion for anything that looks like it could fly. His open heart and mind have been a driving force for so many people's inspiration over the years, not least Milton Keynes Scale Model Club where his influence will be felt for many years to come. Always in my heart and mind. Thank you Alan.

David Scott
President IPMS Milton Keynes 

I'll never forget those first meetings in his farm house, all those books. Thanks to Alan my modelling has improved and I bet the other members who were present that first night would say the same. The last time I saw him was at Telford in 2007, he was on his stand with his son selling his books. He will be sadly missed, one of the giants in the modelling world. R.I.P. Alan.

Garry Prettyman

Alan was a key player in the foundation of IPMS Milton Keynes and for the first few years we met in his front room each month, without him I would not have half the friends I have now.

He also started me off on doing reviews and articles which opened up a whole new part of the hobby to me.

He was a larger than life character and I have so many things to remember about him I could fill a book, from taking off his eyebrows at a club BBQ and nearly setting fire to a barn in the process, Rum coke + petrol and a BBQ do not mix!!! to him taking the time to show me how to fill a seam perfectly and that model got me my first show medal.

God Bless you Alan and have one for me in the great model room in the sky

David Francis, Associate Editor Scale Aviation Modeller International

On behalf of the club, may I say a big thank you to the numerous friends across the world that knew Alan.

I only knew him personally in his years with the club, although it took me a long time to make the connection with the Alan Hall that edited Airfix magazine and had published a few of my fathers articles in the early days.

Alan didn't suffer fools and could be a bit dogmatic at times, but he was a true friend. Only about 5 years ago I was holidaying in Malta with my partner Sue and spent some time with him. I suffered a heart attack on the island and Alan made sure that Sue was OK and came and saw me in the hospital. He wasn't in the best of health himself and I thought he should be in the bed instead of me. Later on when it was decided to create a trophy for the club, one name came tops in everyone thoughts and it will be forever known as the "Alan Hall Trophy"

God rest ye old friend, you will be missed wherever you glance by.

Derek Barrett, Webmaster & Publicity Milton Keynes Scale Model Club

Although I did not know Alan very well, where would we be without him and his achievements, his founded of MKSMC and the great publications that he has produced have been invaluable for our hobby. He will be greatly missed.

Phil Ware

Other Messages that have been sent to the club in memory of Alan

“First editor of Airfix Magazine, creator of Aviation News, Scale Aircraft Modelling (SAM) and Warpaint Books.”

I remember this gentleman so fondly.

I wrote some articles for his Aviation News in the early 70s, including photos of planes at William Tell Meets at Eglin AFB FL.

I visited his cluttered offices in London and he introduced me to author Jerry Scutts, who was assisting him.

I remember at the IPMS USA conventions that he always kept a bottle of “fortification” under his vendor’s table and always with a gravy spot on his lapel.

And he always had a different woman with him.

He always remembered your first name.

He was delightfully friendly, delightfully British.

Just look at our small group, sadly sharing this moment-- USA, Slovakia, Australia, UK.

This icon in our hobby will be missed across the planet.

Thank You Alan, you lovable rogue…..

Warren Munkasy Miami FL USA

Hi all

I only can remember him from his articles, even in the communist times when somebody got the British magazines.

Well, my prayers and good memories go with him.

Best to all


I returned to modelling back in 1983 (aged 23) & the first scale modelling magazine I purchased on a regular basis was Scale Aircraft Modelling. Those early SAM magazines contain some wonderful articles & are still a great resource. About 10 years ago I picked up a lot of pre-1983 SAMs from a friend who was selling them for 50c each.

“God speed Alan Hall”. Modellers all over the world thank you for providing us with such rich resources and inspirations.

Regards to all,

John Kerr

I remember him well. Several times we displayed side by side at Telford during the late 90's. Yes, I understand he could be difficult, but I don't remember any instance where he was condescending to me. Several times I saw him in a condition that made me think that that was the last time I would see him alive, but somehow he managed to survive. Good for you old man !!!

I do remember his articles (balsa and talcum powder) and I agree with you about his vision of the plastic Industry as we know it today. My memories of him are good and I wish him "God speed" in his final journey.

One less of us !!!!!!!!!!

God bless.


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