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Club Competition

Every month throughout the year, except April (AGM) and December (Christmas) the club holds a competition with points awarded for the modeller of the year. Monthly subjects are listed at the bottom of this page.

A new club trophy has been designed and after much deliberation it was decided that it should be known as the "Alan Hall Trophy" in honour of one of the founders of the club, who sadly passed away in November 2008.

Each month a different subject class will be judged, and the modeller getting the most points at the April AGM will be presented with the Alan Hall Trophy to keep for the coming year.

Club Competition Rules

The rules are very simple:

1. Only one model per member per month.

2. Judging will be by ballot of all members present

3. Models must not have been entered into any previous club competition

4. Entries can be anything to do with the subject area

Points will be awarded as follows:

5 points = entering the competition

3 points = winning entry

2 point = second place

1 point = third place

This is done to encourage more members to enter. It means that the more prolific modellers will win over those who only enter occasionally.

In the event of a tie for first place at the end of each year, then the winner will be decided on the number of first, second and third places each had obtained throughout the year.

Results for 2013/14 Competition

This has been another year of close running between a few members over the last few months where it could have been any one of them that had a chance of taking this years title. In the end, the results from March's competition were to play a very big part in the final places after the last competition of the year in April. So after many years of trying, proving that if you are persistant that you will succeed, this years winner of the MKSMC Monthly Competition is David Francis. Well done David.

1st: David Francis

The complete entries for 2013/14 monthly competitions can be viewed HERE.

Competition Classes and Club Night meeting dates for 2016/17

This years categories I feel are quite open to virtually any modelling genre, I have given some clues to perhaps how I am thinking, take these ponder on them and interpret them how you will. And please remember it’s all about having fun and building models!

The Competition Categories For 2016/2017

These are the categories for 2014/15's Club Competition. There has been a couple of minor changes to next years competition to make it a bit more exciting and to add some extra fun to it. December's competition is added along with a prize for this month only, a little Christmas present for the winner of this month. Points will also count to the years final result too. An added bonus to March's competition is the chance of an extra 5 points to your tally, so there is a change of getting up to 13 points if you win in this months competition. So have a look below and get your grey matter working for your entries.

The complete entries for 2015/15 monthly competitions can be viewed HERE.

July Civilian wheels
August Brazil / South America (think Olympics)
September Film / TV / Sci-Fi
October Armour
November 1/144 or smaller
December Secret Santa
January Figures
February Record Breakers
March 1967 for Milton Keynes @ 50 . Anything made or in service in 1967
April Anything Goes: An extra month of competiton, this is a totally open theme and as the title says, "Anything Goes!".
May No competition AGM and prize giving.

December's Competition

The rules of this months competition are as follows;
Each member entering this months competition will need to purchase a kit in any scale and subject for between £5 and £10. This will need to be wrapped in paper (Christmas or Birthday will do) and brought along to November's club meeting, where it will be placed on the table with all the other wrapped kits purchased by other club members who are entering kits into the competiton for December. Once all kits are on the table, each members name will will be drawn from a hat and they will then choose a wrapped kit from the table. To make the competition more interesting, you can only open the wrapped kit once the meeting is over and you have returned home.

March's Competition

The March competition is different in that there is an extra 5 points to be had if nobody in the club can identify your model. For example if you enter a FW190 A8, it would only be identified as a FW190, so you will need to be really obscure to get the extra 5 points on offer. This has been designed so that if up to this point of the competition there is a clear leader, this months theme has the potential to alter the placing quite dramatically and bring it down to the wire. It's in your hands to fox us all......

Previous Years Competitions

Entries and results from the previous years competitions can be found archived via the links below.

The complete entries for 2012/13 monthly competitions can be viewed HERE.

The complete entries for 2011/12 monthly competitions can be viewed HERE.

The complete entries for 2010/11 monthly competitions can be viewed HERE.

Last updated 4th June 2014



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