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The IPMS is the International Plastic Modellers Society and, as its name suggests, has branches world wide covering some 24 nationalities.

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The society was founded in 1964, right at the beginning of the popularity of the plastic injection moulded kit; which caught the imagination of youngsters at that time but also, after a little persuasion, the ardent enthusiasm of more senior and experienced model makers who had hitherto worked in wood and metal.

There can be few amongst those who are now in the 25 to 45 age bracket who have not heard of the name of Airfix, as almost every young person in the sixties and early seventies had made what they called an "Airfix" kit no matter who the actual manufacturer was.  "Airfix" became a household word.

But times have changed following the world oil crisis in the mid 1970's, when basic costs rocketed, and the advent of other popular pastimes took over as far as children were concerned.  Plastic kit modelling went into decline with all but the enthusiast, many of who are now producing models made from plastic which can be considered as engineering masterpieces, remaining with the hobby.

Many people who made plastic model aircraft, tanks, ships or motor cars in their childhood have returned to the hobby in later life along with more recent devotees and a lot of much younger modellers who are now aged between 16 and 21.

It is for these people that IPMS can provide added interest and opportunity to get to know other modellers in the local area for regular meetings, competitions, talk by the experts and social gatherings.

Apart from the advantages of local membership IPMS offers members a bi-monthly magazine on modelling subjects. There are special interest groups (SIGS) covering a wide range of subjects from which members can obtain specialist information and research material to assist in the accuracy of the models they are building.  Some of the SIGS even have their own newsletters and information sheets published regularly.

The highlight of the IPMS year is the Scale ModelWorld National Competition and Exhibition, this is held for two days at the Telford Exhibition Centre in late October or November, at which thousands of models are on show either on Branch stands or in the special class of model for which they are entered.  

Many clubs come from throughout Europe and there are a few who combine a trip to England with a visit to the nationals. The major plastic kit industry suppliers from the UK, Europe and the USA have trade stands and latest models or accessories on sale.  

There are more than 50 IPMS branches and some 2,500 members in Britain alone. The Milton Keynes branch is a fairly new one having been formed in April 1995 and drawing its membership not only from Milton Keynes, but Bedford, Luton, Northampton and Aylesbury as well.

Recently the club was awarded a Certificate of Achievement by the IPMS(UK) national committee for our "time, effort and incredibly proactive approach. Dedication and commitment, not least for their wonderful demonstrations at various shows, including the Nationals". High praise indeed from fellow modellers.

Whether you regard modelling as a pass time, making perhaps no more than a couple of models a year, you are a younger modeller keen to get more information, or you have years of experience, but always worked alone, the Milton Keynes Scale Model Club has something to offer.  

Visit one of the monthly meetings and meet the other members who will readily tell you of the advantages that membership has had for them.

Last updated 08 December 2007

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