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Hints & Tips

Here are a few hints and tips that we have found useful and hope that you will also learn a new wrinkle from them


While the hints in this web site have worked for the person writing about them, no guarantee is given that they will always work, that they are applicable to you or that there may be Health & Safety issues if you do follow the advise. It is up to you to decide if you want to try them out. All relevant safety regulations regarding knives, adhesives, paints, etc. are implied.

Model Building Articles

Here are a few of the model making articles that used to appear on our old site, but were removed due to space limitations. Some of these have been revived due to requests from readers.

Scale Conversions

A chart you can use to convert drawings between scales on a photocopier. Also an Excel spreadsheet showing scale conversions for full size measurements in the common scales

Scale Calculator Program

A clever tool that lets your computer do the work of converting between scales. It will even convert from inches to millimeters (in fact any scale from millimeters to miles). Download the file and have it on your desktop for instant access.

DIY Decals

Making your own decals on an ink jet printer using a new type of decal sheet 

Metal Finishes

Two members describe metal finishes using foil and aluminium powder

Micro Mesh  

Using fine polishing cloths to get the perfect finish

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Weathering Your Model  

How to uses washes, dry brushing & pastels to give an authentic weathered effect to your models

Extreme Weathring

George Coote shows how to do extreme weathering on a 'George'.

Lots Of Hints & Tips

Many of these are from issue 1 of the club booklet "The Roundabout Way to Modelling" (Sadly these publications are now out of print, hence the reason for including them here.).


Some of the blunders that always seem to happen when you are in the middle of a new model.

Camo Pattern Decal

How to produce camoflage pattern decals for WWI aircraft from American modeller Hibbard Cox.

Model Features ] [ DIY Decals ] [ Scale Conversions ] [ Metal Finishes ] [ MicroMesh ] [ Weathering ] [ Extreme Weathering ] [ Blunders ]

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