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Scale Calculator Programme

A Computer-Based Modelling Tool
by Frank Crenshaw

Frank Crenshaw has created a clever little tool that will be handy for any modeller who ventures beyond the boundaries of kit instructions. It is an automatic calculator of scale measurement.

The tool allows conversion of scale measurements to full size, full sized to scale or one scale to a different scale. The user inputs the known measurement and the scale, and then requests the conversion in the scale of his/her choice.

A wide range of units of measurement are also provided for - from millimeters to miles - and the calculator will convert into a different unit of measurement (i.e. X millimeters in 1/48 scale = Y feet in 1/1 scale).

Frank has generously supplied the tool for free download. He simply asks that the program not be modified or inserted into another program without his prior permission.

To download this handy scale calculator simply follow this link (file size 256k).

Scale Calculator Programme © 1999 by Frank Crenshaw

Last updated 20 January 2008

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