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ModelKraft Show Competition

In order give an overview of how we judge competition entries at our shows, Dave Scott has written a concise guide for those interested parties.

Due to the mostly positive reaction to our show, I wish to outline our methods, systems and reasoning in judging our winning entrants. Our rules are here and at the show on the day. Click here for a list of current classes

Show judges are selected from the clubs attending the show. Models on the club stands are scrutinised by Milton Keynes members and the artists are asked to help with the judging, every attempt is made to match judges interests with competition categories. Milton Keynes members pick up any categories not covered from the show floor.

Two judges mark each class. A system of methodical judging has been developed and a marking card is used to standardise each score. The card is split into five categories; originality of subject and presentation, construction, painting finesse and finish, detail, reality. A copy of the guide to judging follows this review.

All the winners from each class go forward for show champion, which is voted for by each judge. This is not a science and never can be, but we hope at the Milton Keynes show every effort is made to be fair for club and non-club modellers alike as this is an open competition.

Milton Keynes Model Club has always promoted freedom of ideas, techniques and artistry in the model fraternity and entering into competition can be a daunting task for some. I speak from bitter experience learning to lose when ego and self-belief are at stake is the first step to being a winner.

All modellers have one common wish, to see life in miniature recreated faithfully to the highest standards. At show time the public also share in this world of miniature magic.

I hope this helps to break down the stigma of competition and if the modeller thinks his work worthy they are already a winner. So please join in with next year’s competition and promote modelling excellence with an open mind. Remember it is not an individual winning but the gathering of modellers that promotes higher standards for the future.

Last updated 31 December 2008

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