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Club Night

An insight to an average club night with some photographs of what we get up to.


Click on the images below to view a large view or to be transfered to page about the model.

Photographs from our May 2011 meeting.

Club Night
Monthly Competition entries table for May 2011. The theme was Aircraft and there was sixteen entries.
Club Night
Tom and Mick busy working out how to build their models.
Club Night

Is that Tom about to nod off?
No, he's trying to fit a small part.

Club Night
Scratch-build figure by Alistair.
Club Night
Mick's 1/48th scale Hasegawa F-16A Tomcat.
Club Night
All bow your heads and pay homage to the great substance called "Plastic".
Club Night
Thank God for liquid glue, you just cannot beat it.
Club Night
Richard's ongoing 06 Ford Mustang project with cast resin extras.
Club Night
Steady hands and nerves of steel, plus a good kit to build. And a good pint of beer.

Here are some of the activities from both of June
and July 2014's meetings.

Noel Smith's current project of a scratch-built model based on the Airfix Bentley Blower kit.
It is real wood that has been used on this project.
Story time before all of the members go home to bed.
Now, are they telling dirty jokes again? We may never know!
A lovely BAe Hawk by Gary Prettyman.
Phil Ware keeps other members of the club amused with his humour.
A line up of four Hawker Typhoons.
A preview of a newly released kit.
New member Blas AntonioPappatrra Carrillo latest completed project.



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