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1 to 1 Scale GRP Kit
Obtained through Frontier Models

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This is my first large scale bust, I hope we can learn together.

To add weight and height to the subject, I added a plinth made from two layers of 18mm MDF board.

The bust is cast in one piece; I thought it looked a bit undersized, the quality of the casting is quite poor, at least 60% of the stitches were faulty. I started by cleaning off mould joint lines and under cutting lost detail around stitching and mask. After spending some time filling and making good stitching I decided it wasn’t working out – drastic measures were called for.


The mini drill and grinding pad were put to work, all the stitching was removed and holes drilled in their place. At this stage one coat of Halfords white primer was applied to show up all the defects. Filling, rubbing down and refining are necessary tasks which when done well will reap benefits. I filled with Miliput thinned with water and rubbed back with wet and dry paper.

The face was sprayed with white primer. The eyes were mapped out in pencil to find the centres and then moved slightly up and to one side in unison as two dots to position the pupils. A short length of tube was held over each dot, centralised and the circumference traced around to form the iris. The paints used were Humbrol enamels and oil paints mixed. A dark blue base to the iris with light blue radiating lines and black centre pupils.


Although I felt the eyes looked slightly large at this stage, I was reasonably happy. The eyes were masked and the face sprayed with a mixture of matt white and flesh. Part of the mask was painted black to help with the overall appearance to help me work the eyes.

The original eyebrows were ground off. Smooth eyebrows were formed using ground artist pastels applied with a paint brush, as was the eye shadow. This is so easy to do I was more than satisfied with the effect.

The lips were painted with enamel, high and low lights with oils and glossed with Humbrol clear when dry.

The face was masked and costume sprayed with Alclad black gloss to represent PVC.


As the masking was peeled away, Cat Woman breathed her first breath of life, but at this stage the eyes still looked large so I reduced them in size and refined all painting details.

For the final touches single strand plastic coated telephone wire was used as stitching. False eye lashes and several coats of Humbrol clear were applied to the eyes.


Like most of the models I have made there were periods of dejection and frustration, but I persevered. I have exhibited Cat Woman at shows and been rewarded by people’s reaction to a familiar subject that has raised a few smiles and which makes those low moments worth the challenge.


David Scott

Last updated 04 November 2007

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