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Fisher Model + Pattern Grumman Panther F9-5

Built by David Francis


grumann panther

grumann panther

This is only my second resin aircraft kit and it is beauty. I have been raving about this kit since I received it just before the 2003 Nationals. The moulding and detail is equal to that of the mainstream plastic manufacturers and this companies 25 years of experience in producing resin car kits shows.

The highlights off this kit for me were its simplicity of construction, the attractive 3 option decals sheets that includes a Sea Blue Golden Dragons aircraft, a Gull grey and white Marine aircraft with red trim and a Blue Angels aircraft, the sheet also includes full stencil detail in both black and white. And finally the weapon load. In fact this kit rivals the Academy F18 as having the most weapon options supplied in the box. You are supplied with 6 X 5” HVAR rockets with optional 6.75” RAM warheads 250 and 500 lb Bombs and 2 massive 11.752 Tiny Tim’s all exquisitely detailed and before you ask what’s happened to mine they are destined for a couple of Trumpeter Corsairs.

A detailed article on building the Panther will hopefully appear in SAMi later this year, Paul Fisher has already announced a Cougar for later in the year and hopefully we can look forward to many more golden age aircraft from him in the Years to come.

I am already saving up for a couple of the Cougars.

The Panther was ordered direct from Paul Fisher at

grumann panther grumann panther
grumann panther grumann panther
grumann panther grumann panther

Last updated 04 November 2007

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