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Pegaso Fantasies Natasha

Model & review by David Francis

Scale: 200mm Product No: FW-007 Parts: 15 Price: 159 Euro £106.95

Modeller's health warning, this review is not for the faint hearted or prudish as the subject matter could offend.

This is an unabridged version of a review that first appeared in Scale Models International Vol35 Issue 41. 

Pegaso are well known for their white metal range of female figures in 80mm but we have just received this larger figure from their 200mm fantasy range. This model features a lady clad in her underwear with parts of a Napoleonic style period uniform while brandishing a whip and handcuffs. The figure is very anatomically correct with nothing left to the imagination, and this can pose a problem when deciding where to display the completed model. I am going to write this review in two sections the first detailing the construction and the second the painting.


Cast in light grey resin the quality of the moulding is exquisite and the box artwork shows what a skilled painter can produce from the basic kit. The body of the figure is made up from the following sections head, arms, legs and boots and gloved hands. There are some small casting marks on the larger parts but these are easy to remove with a sharp scalpel blade followed by a light rub with 1200 grit wet and dry paper. The fit is good to superb and only a small amount of PVA was used as filler and a damp paper towel easily removed any excess without damaging the moulded detail.

The hardest part to clean up on my example was the ponytail. This had a nasty cast mark that radiated across the hair spoiling the detail. I used a selection of Swiss files and a plastic scribing tool to restore the lost detail.

The handcuffs, whip and the suspenders are moulded attached to a casting block which helps to protect them in transit. They are easy to remove by running a sharp scalpel blade along the edges of the block but be very careful as the casting is so thin you can see daylight through them.

The figure lower areas have been given the Brazilian treatment (Ask the wife or girlfriend, but not your mum) as an alternative you are supplied with a small ace of spades that can be strategically glued in place. Unfortunately, in my view, this looks a bit daft and would have thought a better way of maintaining modesty could have been supplied.

The construction of this kit was very easy with nothing that will tax the skills of a novice figure modeller. I just wish all kits were this good. 


I am a newcomer to the world of figures so tend to use whatever paint I think looks right from my collection, so you will find a mix of types used on my model.

I started by applying an airbrushed coat of Revell flesh. This makes a great base colour and looks authentic out of the tin. I now mixed small amounts of white and pink into the flesh base colour to produce a lighter and dark shade which was applied to provide low and high lights. I found having a mirror on the workbench in front of me while I worked helped identify were the lighter and darker colours needed to be applied.

The more personal areas of the model such as the nipples were painted with Vallejo acrylics base skin tone and brown rose acrylics, a big plus for using acrylics are that they are easy to blend in with a damp brush and if you muck up a damp cloth will remove them completely.

The eyes were now painted gloss white as I had decided to cheat to complete them that required the gloss surface. The pupils of the eyes were the one area that I was nervous about painting convincingly, so I obtained some Ez-Eyes. This product is produced by Archer fine transfers and supplies a selection of different coloured irises on a decal sheet that you apply to your model. The result looks good far better than anything I could have painted and with about 200 images on a sheet they will last you for quite a few models.

I have absolutely no idea what the uniform the figure is almost wearing is supposed to be so I used artistic licence to paint by figure in an intermediate blue with a darker blue used for her Basque. The uniforms braid was painted in Vallejo old gold which gave a very realistic look and at the same time I used Citadel miniatures chain mail for the studs on the dog collar, the handcuffs and the catches on the suspenders. So far all my figures have been blondes but for this one I wanted to try and be different so decided to produce a red head. 

For the hair I used Rowney oil colours. I started with yellow ochre and then added different amounts of raw umber and burnt sienna to create a selection of shades that were than applied to the model until the desired effect had been created. I now left the model in my airing cupboard for a week to insure that the oil colours had completely dried before starting the final stages.

The fishnet stockings had me puzzled for a little while as I could not figure out how I was going to paint them? I decided the easiest way was to use a 000 brush and Tamiya NATO black acrylic to paint the stocking, of course there were a few errors and it looked awful. Then I had a brainwave, I diluted some Revell flesh 50/50 with white spirit and generously applied it over the stockings. This wash settled into the dimples and voila, a good representation of fishnets. 

The final stage in painting the figure was to produce the high gloss leather effect on her boots and gloves, for this I used Humbrol Gloss black applied with a flat sable brush which dries with a nice shiny finish that can be buffed to an even brighter finish.

The kit supplies a basic tiled floor with two depressions in to which studs on the bottom of the figures feet will fit in to. I painted my base in a selection of greys before applying a brown wash to the cracks between the tiles before finally attaching the figure to the base with superglue.

Click on images for enlarged view (Adults Only)

1.jpg (60482 bytes) 2.jpg (67965 bytes) 3.jpg (81686 bytes) 4.jpg (85162 bytes)
5.jpg (106102 bytes) 6.jpg (68589 bytes) 7.jpg (78275 bytes) 8.jpg (80365 bytes)


I enjoyed building this model and I found it a lot easier to work on a figure in this larger scale. The fit and quality of parts is very high and it is obvious why Pegaso have gained such a good reputation for their female figures.

The subject matter is certainly the most explicit I have seen produced and it is certainly not suitable for display in all situations. In fact it has caused the Magazine photographer a few problems as we do not really want Scale Models on the top shelf in the newsagents.

Our thanks to Pegaso for supplying the review sample and I apologise for the delay in seeing the review in print.

Pegaso girls and Fantasy figures are available in the UK from Historex Agents: Tel 01304 206720 who can also supply Archer Fine transfers Ez-Eyes.
Or you can order direct from the Pegaso web site at

I would like to thanks Steve Elliott of SAM Publications and Gary Hatcher of Scale Models for agreeing to the use of this article on our web site.

Last updated 08 December 2007

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