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Israeli A4H Skyhawk in 1/32 scale

This is quite an expensive conversion using the Cutting edge A4H resin conversion which comprises a new rear fuselage with the extended jet pipe, a new more accurate fuselage hump, Replacement cannons, new tail fin tip and numerous intakes and ECM aerials. You also have to purchase the A4F intake set which includes the larger intakes fitted to the H variant. I also used a CAM resin Escapac set and decals from Sky models plus the must have purchase of Israeli A4 Skyhawk book which as well as giving lots of history and superb photographs has a walk round section for the modeller. Total cost of this little lot plus the kit was nearly £100 so not a cheap project but it certainly looks different.

The conversion is quite simple with most cuts being on panel lines and clearly illustrated on the CE instruction sheet the longest part of the building process was rescribing all the panel lines especially the oval panels on the wings. The Hasegawa kit is amazing the level of cockpit detail is almost as good as anything produced today not bad for a kit that is nearly 30 years old.

The model was painted freehand with an Aztec airbrush using paints from Humbrol and Xtracrylic ranges.

This kit was built as a break from a series of U.S.N subjects in 1/32 scale but I enjoyed it so much I have already laid down a two seat TA4J for future construction and have started an even more ambitious conversion using Hasegawas F5E and Belcher bits resin to produce a 1/32 scale CF5A.

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