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Pegaso Fantasy Worlds Sophie

Model & review by David Francis

Scale: 200mm. Product No: FW004. Price: £106.95

Modeller's health warning, this review is not for the faint hearted or prudish as the subject matter could offend.

This is the second female figure that I have completed from Pegaso’s Fantasy world range and is probably even more controversial being anatomically correct in all areas!, which caused our editor a few problems when it came to printing photographs to accompany this review?

The construction of Pegaso figures is very easy, as the fit of parts varies from good to excellent, with only small casting blocks and a few seams to remove from the resin parts. Once the parts are joined with superglue, I found that PVA wood glue was the easiest filler to use as it could be applied generously and then the excess removed with a damp finger to obtain a perfect finish.

sophie_1.jpg (55116 bytes) sophie_2.jpg (58608 bytes)

With many female figures it is the painting of the flesh that makes or breaks the model, I used Revell flesh as a base coat then with small amounts of brown, white and red paints added to the base colour to produce a range of highlights and low lights. I must admit to cheating a bit with the eyes as I have always found these extremely difficult to paint and now use Archers Fine Transfers Easy Eyes, this simple idea provides a selection of different coloured irises and pupils and are simply applied to the white of the eye to give a perfect result every time. The clothing what there is of it, was painted using Humbrol satin scarlet and once dry a slightly lighted shade was dry brushed in to the raised detail. All of the metallic areas on the model were painted using Citadel Miniatures acrylics Tin Bitz, Chain mail and Gunmetal from the Games Workshop. Some metal chain is supplied with the model but I purchased more from a model railway store so I could artistically drape in over the figures rear area to avoid offence when she is displayed at model shows. The chain was weathered from its shiny finish by dipping it in antiquacating fluid which produces a nice brown rust effect. 

sophie_2.jpg (58608 bytes) sophie_4.jpg (67159 bytes) sophie_5.jpg (68275 bytes)

I found this model a challenge to paint, being limited by my own skill level but tremendously aided by the high quality of the sculpting and the large size of the model. I would recommend this as an ideal introduction to larger scale female figures and I am now definitely hooked despite the disapproval of the ladies in the editorial office and my ever patient wife.

Our thanks to Pegaso for the review sample which can be purchased direct from there web site at

Alternatively the Pegaso range and Archers Easy Eyes are available in the UK from Historex Agents. 

Pegaso’s Sophie had a very prolonged build as a motorcycle accident kept me away from my workbench for a number of months and I apologise to Pegaso for the delay in seeing this review published. 

An abridged version of this review appeared in Scale Models Collector International and our thanks to SAM Publications for allowing us to reprint this full version on the MKSMC web site.




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