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RMS Titanic

titanic.jpg (32793 bytes) The Revell 1/570 kit built from the box as a commission. I have built two of these for others and have built a third for myself.
Sinking Titanic To the left and below, are two views of the one I built for myself depicting the sinking Titanic. All the portholes were drilled out to allow internal lights to shine through. The skylights were also re-built to allow light to spill out. The masts were replaced by wooden turnings to take the tension of the rigging, made from Lycra knitting elastic. The smoke is cotton wool that was shaken up in a jar containing powdered black pastel.
Sinking Titanic Approx. 200 Plastruct architectural figures were painted and fitted to the deck and lifeboats.

The sea is black painted kitchen foil with polystyrene icebergs and wave effects from artists acrylic medium.

There is a fuller article on the building of this model here

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