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George Goote

George Coote

About two years ago I found a decal sheet by Daco of the F16 40th anniversary 'Tiger Falcon'. Having built a collection of WWII aircraft in 1/48, my favourite scale, I was getting bored with camouflage. This started me off on colourful subjects, leading more recently to Reno Racers using Cutting Edge, Leading Edge & Airway Graphics, decals a very pretty theme has kept me busy.

After Revell's P51, 'Miss America' I decided to have a go at converting an Eduard Yak-3 into a Super Yak as seen flying in 1988. Raiding the spares box for cowlings I found Monogram's A26 which I fared into the fuselage with Milliput and turned up a spinner with Milliput, which is something like a DC-7 spinner as used on the real aircraft. See the photo for the end result.

I had an old built (c: 1980's) Hasegawa Corsair F4U-4 in the loft, which by today's standards, is a bit crummy. Just right for converting rather than cut about a brand new kit. Again, using Milliput and plasticard, lots of cutting and rubbing down. Using a P51 spinner and the other A26 cowling, I managed to turn out a presentable job. Lack of decals is a problem.

As well as being a superb modeller, George is our resident cartoonist.



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F-16 F-16 Falcon
Hasegawa kit.
Huckbien FW183
"Huckbien" Prototype.
Fiat G91R Fiat G91R
Hand Painted except for roundals and lettering.
F-4E F-4E Phantom II
Hasegawa kit.
Mig 29 Mig 29 Fulcrum
Academy kit.
F-84 F-84 Thunderjet
Revell kit.
Mig 15 Mig 15
Tamiya kit.
F-86's F-86 Sabre
A trio of Academy F-86 kits.
P-51 Miss America

P-51 Mustang
"Miss America"
Revell kit.

Super Yak Super Yak
Converted from a Eduard Yak 3 kit .
Baskervilles The Hound Of The Baskervilles
Super CorsairRacer Super Corsair Racer
Converted from a Hasegawa F4U-4 kit.
Royal Scots

"Roll Call"
Royal Scots

P-51 Mustang Parade P-51 Mustang Parade
A collection of P-51 B's and P-51D's in 1/48th scale from various manufacturers.
Corvette 1/43rd Scale Cars
A collection of 1/43rd scale model car in white metal and cast resin.

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