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Jaguar Mk2 Coombes
Historic Touring Car

Tamiya 1/24th Scale Kit

coombes 01

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This model started as Tamiya's Jaguar Mk2 Racer kit, which I decided to build as a Historic Touring Car that would be seen on British race circuits today. As the kit is based on one the Coombes Mk2's which raced in the sixties, I decided to continue with the theme with this project.

The model was built with some modern day safety devices like a roll cage based on FIA regulations, full harness seatbelts and racing bucket seat. To accomidate the roll cage, the rear seat was not fitted and a panel was made to represent the one found behind the seat. In the engine bay, extra details such as a steering column, heater hoses, expansion tank, washer bottle and other various items were made then fitted.

The engine also had extra detail added to it. This included a white metal six cylinder distributor, a white metal alternator, an etched fan, wire to replace the plastic fuel lines and scratch built throttle linkage. The engine was finished off with plug leads in the correct firing order. The finished result made it a shame to hide it away in the car, so I took some photo's before it was fitted.

The frame detail was added to the underneath of the bonnet to represent what is seen on the real car. Etched bonnet hinges from HML Models, were modifided to replicate the Jaguar's hinges and replace the plastic moulded hinges. The body colour, is Tamiya's Racing Green with all of the chrome trim redone with Alclad Chrome or Bare Metal Foil. Turned air valves were added to the wheels for extra detail. Fuel lines, brake pipes and handbrake cables were also added to the chassis of the model.

Click on the image to view the larger version.

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