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"The Enzo From Hell"

Ferrari Enzo

Have you ever had one of those models that likes to put up a fight? Well, this was one that fought me at every point of the build and that's why I called it "The Enzo From Hell". The kit is the Revell version of the Enzo, so it is not up to the standard of the Tamiya one. But if you spend the time on it, you can produce a nice model at the end.
I had a few issues with parts that did not fit properly, with things like gaps and mis-alignment of parts. The biggest headache was the chassis having a slight twist in it, then the body not fitting the chassis straight. The model was built straight out of the box, but with a few changes to colour schemes on the interior. The main body colour was done with Tamiya's Metallic Black and finished with Tamiya's Pearl Clear, but out of the rattlecan. I stripped the chrome plating from the wheel rims and sprayed them with Alclad's Steel for a more suitable match to the body. Carbon fibre decal was added to the dash, parts of the engine bay, the front splitter and the rear spoiler.
In the end, I was surprised how well the Enzo turned out, even after the trouble it gave me.

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