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Lotus Europa Special

Tamiya 1/24th Scale Kit





When I first opened the box, my memory went back to when I was a boy back in the seventies staring at a Black Lotus Europa with Gold lines parked in the street one day. There was not going to be any doubt, this had to be built in Black, the best colour for the Europa Special's.

The kit is a marvelous representation of the Lotus, and is one of Tamiya's finest automotive kits produced. The model has been built "Out Of Box" with added wiring and plumbing to the engine, engine bay and brakes. There was a choice for the interior colours on this model of the Europa's, these were either Black or Tan. I chose to go with the Tan interior as it would be a contrast to the Black exterior colour.

In the instructions, the lower sills were to be painted matt Aluminium, but I always remembered these to be polished when I saw them. So Chrome Bare Metal Foil (BMF)as used instead of the matt paint. BMF was also used on the window trim with the rubbers painted on the quarter-lights. Another little issue that I had was to do with the wheel rims which Tamiya instruct to be painted Metallic Grey. This is too light and I believe that the rims were actually Black, so I painted them Semi-gloss Black.

When building this kit, take your time with the Gold coachline decals. I applied these over a period of three days allowing them to dry overnight. Once completed, several light coats of clear was used to seal and hide the decal film. But, if you look carefully, you might see where I had to do a touch-up on the coachline above the window. Luckly, Tamiya's Gold paint was a very good match.

Tamiya's aerosol Gloss Black and Clear was used on the bodyshell with Tamiya's aerosol Semi-gloss Black on the underbody and chassis. The remaining colours used on the model were from Tamiya's range to the instructions.

To aid with the displaying of the engine, I added two small pins to the bonnet near the hinge locations. These are extended for when the bonnet is to be displayed open with the assistance of a wire support.

Below are a few photographs of the engine, chassis and interior taken during the models construction.

Just click on each image to view the large version.

europa europa europa europa

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