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F-86D Sabre Dog

1/48th Scale Revell Kit

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F-86D Sabre Dog

F-86D Sabre Dog

This model was a first for me on two fronts. It was the first time I had built an aircraft in this larger scale and the first time I had used Alclad to basically paint the whole model. This story starts a couple of months earlier when I purchased a 1/48th scale Revell P47 N Thunderbolt at a show, then later got hold of the Eduard etched set for it too. After seing some others built which were just painted Aluminium I was a little dubious about doing this myself, then I saw one done with Alclad and that was it.

This model of the Sabre Dog was brought so I could practice with producing the Aluminium finish of the fuselage with Alclad before starting on the Thunderbolt. I was also told by fellow club members, that this kit was a lovely model to build and they were right.

The Sabre Dog has been built straight out of the box without any extra detailing items added to the model. The cockpit area was painted based on the instructions and some photographs I had found on the internet. Without the use of decals for the clocks and dials, I was quite pleased with the end result. The actual detail in the cockpit especially the ejector seat is very good. So I have included some photos taken before it was enclosed in the fuselage.

The rest of the fuselage main structure was built leaving off such items as the canopy, undercarriage doors, flaps and rocket pod. Then after masking the required areas, the fuselage and other part for Alclading were given a couple of coats of Alclad Gloss Black Base was airbrushed and left to dry overnight. I chose to use two Alclads on the fuselage, Stainless Steel and Airframe Aluminium. All the remaining painting was done and then the decals were added to the model. To seal these, a couple of coats of Johnson "Klear" was used.

Weathering of the model was done using Promodellers Dark Dirt was for the panel lines then a light going with my own mix of weathering dirt via the airbrush. I have had a couple of comments saying that the aircraft is too dirty looking. But when in active service, these aircraft were not all clean and shiny. I have seen some photos taken by an ex-USAF pilot from the Korean and Vietnam Wars, there was not one that was clean. Some were worst then this!

F-86D Sabre Dog F-86D Sabre Dog F-86D Sabre Dog F-86D Sabre Dog
F-86D Sabre Dog F-86D Sabre Dog F-86D Sabre Dog F-86D Sabre Dog
F-86D Sabre Dog F-86D Sabre Dog F-86D Sabre Dog  



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