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1961 Chevrolet Impala

1/25th Scale Lindberg Kit

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61 Impala

C:\MKSMC Folder\Photos\Michael Lomax\61 Impala\61imp-02-sml.GIF

This model was my first car which has a custom theme to it. After watching such programmes as "Overhauled" and "American Hot Rod", I decided to create my own version of these cars using the Lindberg 1961 Chevy Imapala convertable I had on the shelf.

It was set out at the start that the suspension was to be lowered, so the car sits about 2mm lower then the original height. The rim that I ended up using on the car, are from Aoshima and they are the Andrews Racing Vielside rims. The bodyshell was partially de-trimmed leaving just the large side trim with the front and rear bumpers. The rear lights on the model were also frenched for a more custom look to the car.

The chrome plating on the bumpers was stripped alone with some of the engine parts and recoated with Alclad Chrome. The top half of the bodyshell was sprayed in Tamiya's Leaf Silver with Light Gum Metal on the bottom half. The chrome trimmed areas which was left on the body was then covered with Bare Metal Foil.

The engine area was plumbed and wired after painting with an air filter housing taken from a Ford 427 engine. Working etched bonnet scissor hinges were used in place of the molded plastic one supplied with the kit. The exhaust system was modified to exit from under the body just in front of the rear wheels.

The interior was finished in sand and tan colours with the chrome trim finished in Bare Metal Foil. Lap belts were also added using painted strips of paper and etched buckles

C:\MKSMC Folder\Photos\Michael Lomax\61 Impala\61imp-02-sml.GIF 61 Impala 61 Impala



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