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Morris Mini Cooper S 1275 Mk1

Tamiya 1/24th Scale Kit

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mini cooper

mini cooper

When I was a young boy, about eight or nine years old. My dad had a little Brown Morris Mini for a short time, which was a great runaround and fun car. My original plan was to build a model of this very mini that we use to have, but there was no photographs of the car in existance, so my plan was faultered right at the start. So I built this one instead.

When work first started on this project, I was at the IPMS Telford show in 2007 where a friend of mine from another club challanged me to open up the boot on the Mini. After some time thinking about it, I decided to take on his challange and open up the Mini's boot. So off to search the internet for some photographs of the boot interior with the twin fuel tanks inside.

The modelhas been built as to the instructions, with only a couple of modications made to the kit. The first was to remove the small piece of chrome trim behind the door handles which was not on the Mk1 Mini's. The second was the cutting out of the boot lid for opening up. Once removed, a thin piece of plasticard was cut to size to make a lip around the inside of the boots opening. Where the boot lid was cut out, the gap was too big so strips of thin plasticard was glued around the lid then sanded to shape. The hinges were made from brass wire bent to shape and mounted in some brass tube. The remaining items like the rear seat panel, fuel tanks, spare wheel and battery cover were made from various pieces of plastic.

The engine had some wiring and plumbing done to it, but due to the limited space in there, I was restricted in what I could do. Tamiya's aerosol Gloss Red was de-canned and airbrushed over the bodyshell with Gloss Black on the roof. All of the chrome plated parts were stripped then redone with Alclad Chrome and the window trim was covered with Bare Metal Foil.

This was an enjoyable model to build and a great kit from Tamiya. I will like to build a few more of these at some point in the future, yet more to go onto my list of what to do.

mini cooper mini cooper mini cooper mini cooper
mini cooper mini cooper mini cooper mini cooper
  mini cooper mini cooper  



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