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Space Shuttle "Enterprise"

Monogram 1/72nd Scale Kit
Monogram 1/72nd scale Shuttle (5904) with Cutting Edge Nozzles (CELO72001), Realspace Payload Bay,
Cutting Edge Tile Pattern (CED72083) and Marking Variants (CED72012) decals
and CMK U-Boat crew (CMF72118) with 72nd scale Mig heads (MP72.077)

shuttle 1

shuttle 2

Many (MANY!) years ago, before the first Shuttle launch, I promised myself that if the first mission was a success I would treat myself to the 72nd scale kit I had seen in the local shop (when there WERE local shops).  And much to my relief it did all go OK, but for some reason I didn't buy the kit.  I can't remember why though might have been the cost which would have been significant for my then parlous finances.  Anyway, fast forward to 2001 and it's on offer at Squadron at a price I can't resist so it joins my loft insulation.  And onto 2006 and one of the club contests is for "civilian vehicles" and I thought why not?  But before you read any further I should warn you, it's not really for the purist who likes historical accuracy.  I will warn you as each point approaches so you can look away.  Anyway.....

I had, over time, also picked up the various Cutting Edge decals sheets, the Black Magic masks and the nozzle set, unaware that the tile decals and the Black magic masks are somewhat exclusive of each other and also intended for the Revell kit.  Who would have thought they were different kits?  For those interested, the main differences between the two are (as found on the internet):

The Monogram has realatively few "panel" lines on it and is overall a smooth surfaced model. The cargo bay doors are hinged over the length of the doors similar to the real shuttle however, the windows are out of proprtion and need to be modified or just painted over properly if you want a realistic model, though the cockpit is more accurate than the Revell kit.

The Revell kit has raised tile lines in all the areas that it should, but they are over sized by about a factor of 2 (and who wants raised tile lines anyway?). The windows are better sized, but the cargo bay doors are hinged only at the ends of the cargo bay and the mechanism make for an unrealistic cargo bay. Also, the Revell kit has movable rudder and body flap.

Overall the Monogram kit is considered more accurate, but the Revell kit is more detailed.  I hope that helps :-)

I wanted to make the kit in "flight" as I had a "satellite servicing mission" kind of set up in mind, plus the undercarriage/wheel bays didn't look that detailed.  That said, neither did the payload bay.  But some searching pointed me in the direction of RealSpace models and their payload bay set.  Hummmm, kind of expensive so I prevaricated, started building the kit and then succumbed, having established that it should be possible to fit the resin payload bay from the rear.

Just click on the image to view the large version.

shuttle 3 shuttle 4 shuttle 5 shuttle 6
shuttle 7 shutlle 8 shuttle 9 shuttle 10



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