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CVR(T) Scimitar

A CVR(T) Scimitar of "Y" Sqn; The Queens Own Yeomanry based at Yeomanry Barracks, York, A TA unit within the British Army. Photos courtesy of Martin Dawson of York and District Plastic Model Society. 

Martin is an Instrument Technician and says, "Amongst my duties is looking after weapon sights for SA80's, binoculars, watches, compasses, night vision goggles and day and night sights for the crew's of CVR(T) Scimitar's - attached is a picture of 06FD92 after we (that is the gang I am attached to in our LAD) had worked on - The Armourer checked the 30mm and 7.65mm guns, I checked the sights, the VM's worked the engine and tracks. So, my astronomy/optics interest's are covered and modelling/military vehicles are also covered in my job, talk about doing hobbies for a job!!!"

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06FD92.JPG (63040 bytes) 06FD92 was first issued to the UK Army in 1978 and has approx 3800miles!!! She is diesel engined and has served with various regiments.
06FD92a.JPG (521157 bytes) This is a side view of 06FD92, note the bright red fire extinguisher! very tactical!!! and oil stains from leaking hubs.
06FD92b.JPG (496562 bytes) Here is a rear 3/4 view
Thursday200504e.JPG (48136 bytes) The Queen's Own Yeomanry where on exercise a while ago and this is one way of saving the tracks - look fit don't they!!!

 Most of the time they are kept clean like that, as soon as they are back from exercise they are cleaned by the TA, then we swarm all over them to check for damage, then clean them again before storage. It is very rare if they are 'weathered' - I sometimes don't understand military modellers, (nearly) everything has to be weathered!!! when, (most of what I have seen...) are clean!!!

My experience, whilst serving with the Army, is that vehicles are cleaned before being left in the barracks, but get very, very dirty and muddy as soon as they get out in the field. (Webmaster)

T-55d.JPG (66862 bytes) This is a captured Iraqi T-55 it came from Umm Qussa and it will be restored and on display at the camp next to ours.
030604SA17AAa.JPG (67318 bytes) This is a Pinzgauer, not ours but it is in our yard.

Last updated 04 November 2007

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