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USS Harry S Truman

Buccaneers On The Truman

On the 6th April 2005 fifteen members of the British Buccaneers, were invited to the U.S.S. H.S.Truman, which was in Portsmouth on her way home after being stationed of the coast of Iraq. Her crew were being given some well earned R&R.

We boarded her about 1.30pm and the first place we were taken to be the Captains in port cabin, to be met by the captain Jim Gigliotti.

After a welcome aboard speech we were allowed to walk around the ship to take photos.

The flight deck, hanger deck proved very popular with everyone as did the flight deck control room, where all of the deck movements are played out in miniature.

After about what seemed only a short while we had to leave the ship and head for home, but being on the ship for only a short time we were all made to feel most welcome.

There is talk that another carrier that might visit again during the Trafalgar celebrations, we can only hope.


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