Competition Judging Guide

Guide to judging the competition

This is the guide given to judges at our competition upon which scores are given to every model on the competition table. The highest score for each class gets Gold, next Silver and finally Bronze. Any ‘near misses’ may be awarded a Highly Commended at the judges discretion.

Originality of Subject and Presentation

Is this the sixth Me 109 in the class? Or is it the only one of these you have ever seen (does it convey an originality of thought).

Is it well presented or has it been gathering dust and been broken and repaired many times?

Is it of a quirky or eccentric subject, unusual?, original? Etc.

Is the diorama balanced? Does it tell a story?

Has the kit been presented in a good/or professional manner?



This is the “build standard” of the entry.

Are the wings square (the same angle) both sides?

Are the join lines showing?

Are there glue marks, sink marks on the surface of the model? Etc.

You should take into account the fact that a model may have been refined with “after market” brass or resin (this must be listed on the model entry card as part of the entry rules (RULE 5).

A “straight from the box” model should be given the same “standard of marking” as an improved one*.

* NOTE: we are only looking at the standard of construction at this point.

Painting Finesse and Finish

This is about the standard of the paint finish.

Is it applied with a 2” brush?

Are there big runs of paint?

* NOTE: we are not looking at weathering at this point.


This section covers, not just added details such as resin or brass etc, but also the amount of skill in carrying out this work.

Has anything been done at all?

Do you think for example that the turret of the tank you are judging looks completed?

Are the plug wires presented on the engine?



Do you, as the judge think that the model looks real?

Is it weathered as per a full size example?

Or is it looking too new?

Did the wings fold that way?

Only you as the judge will know your subject, and will have a feel for what looks right.

It may be helpful:-

If there are many entrants to a class, decide between yourselves after a quick but detailed check which of say six you feel are runners for that class, then make a note as to why the remaining models were not considered in the running and spend most of your time applying the judging rules between the remaining entrants.

I hope this helps with your difficult job of judging, REMEMBER each model is the best that the modeller can produce. If you need any additional guidance please do not hesitate to ask, and I will try and guide you.

Many thanks to you all.

Phillip Ware
Competition Secretary