ModelKraft 2022

A fantastically supported show. Thanks to all the clubs, SIGs, IPMS, Charities, all the helpers and family, the “Garrison” and RT droids and of course all the visitors and competition entries.


For a nice photo slide show of the ModelKraft exhibition try this link

PRESS RELEASE ModelKraft 2023

“ModelKraft goes out on a high

issued at 15:00 31/5/2022

This year, ModelKraft 2022 was the 19th Show organised by Milton Keynes Scale Model Club (IPMS Milton Keynes). It would have been our 21st if Covid had not caused a cancelation of the show in both 2020 & 2021.

Milton Keynes Scale Model Club (IPMS) would like to thank all the Clubs, SIGs and Traders who supported and played their part in making ModelKraft 22 the most successful show we have ever run.

The main aim of the show this year was to raise money for two charities, our local hospice at Willen and Medical Detection Dogs UK, both of whom had a tough time during Covid.

We are pleased to announce that we will be donating a record breaking £6000 split between the two charities. And this is in addition to the money that they raised on their stands during the show.

Sadly, after the show the Club was dealt a massive blow when the Marshall Arena more than tripled the costs of hiring the venue making the total cost of putting on a show in 2023 well in excess of £20,000.

This would make it unrealistic for us to hold another ModelKraft event of that size and keep prices reasonable and raise any money for charity.

And, as no other venue of a suitable size exists currently with in the local area, we have no option but to “call it a day”, making ModelKraft 2022 our last large scale model show.

Ceasing to put on an annual model show is not a decision the Milton Keynes Club has taken lightly. The feedback we received told us that many of you enjoyed your day and have indicated that the show is highly regarded by both the traders and exhibitors as well as the visiting public

So that is it and we hope we bow out having left our many visitors and traders with great memories of the largest one-day model show in the world.

And we left with a bang not a whimper who could want a better ending.

On behalf of the Committee of MKSMC


John Willshere – Club Secretary (last updated 15:00 31-5-2022)

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