ModelKraft 2022

A fantastically supported show. Thanks to all the clubs, SIGs, IPMS, Charities, all the helpers and family, the “Garrison” and RT droids and of course all the visitors and competition entries.


For a nice photo slide show of the ModelKraft exhibition try this link

Clubs & SIGs

Sadly not everyone made it to the show who had booked. I hope everything is ok, we understand sometimes plans have to change at short notice.
Thanks to the clubs who kindly relocated to fill some of the gaps on the main hall and for the lightning clear out! I think everyone bar a couple of traders were gone well before 5pm! Thank you!

For your morbid curiosity the pre move LAYOUT schematic is HERE


Thank you for your support to the show.

As you will no doubt appreciate, getting the right variety mix and balance is an art not a science, so we are always learning.

We did get very short notice on what was and wasn’t permitted in the event of a home game on the 8th but I hope we provided as much amelioration as possible.

Thank you for your continued support and we will see you at (MAYBE NEXT YEAR) Europe’s largest one day model show ModelKraft (23???TBC).

Like the clubs and sigs some traders were unable to finalise a booking or had to pull out at shortnotice. We do understand, it has been a difificult couple of years.

Traders email contact–  modekraft-traderliaison@outlook.

Last Trader update on layout HERE


Congratulations to the modellers who received an award. They were nicely spread around the hall and the top table was impressive.

The shortlisted best CLUB/SIG tables were just above the cut of a generally fantastically high standard of displays.

Best in show information will follwo shortly with pictures of the winners.

Latest updates

Return to for updates on ModelKraft 2022 as FAQs and arrangements are being posted.

John Willshere – Club Secretary (last updated 23:59 7-5-2022)

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ModelKraft Sunday 8th May 2022



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Clubs and SIGs.

Traders List and Layout.

Traders  – All spaces sold for 2022



Layout and plans

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